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Gate round GR
Gate bench system
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Product description

Radius 1500 mm from centre to outline.
GR 20, 2 seat lengths 1/6 circle
GR 10, 1,5 seat lengths 1/8 circle
Gate GR are add-on units, if GR is used as a free standing bench you need at least two pcs shaped in a s-curve.

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Gate is a linkable bench system for public areas. Benches available in three straight (GS) and two curved (GR) basic units. Use the Gate basic units to form rows that are straight, curved or at right angles to suit their setting. These can be fitted with backrests, and/or seats as required. Use our design tool to configure your own Gate!

Standard spacing gives a centre-to-centre seat space of 650 mm, but this spacing may be varied to accommodate more or fewer seats as desired. Benches may be anchored to the floor.

Available with backrets and seats
Can be anchored to the floor
Available with armrests
Wall/Bench spacer available

Bench-top of stave-glued solid birch, 40 mm thick. Frame in galvanised steel. Upholstered seat covered in leather or fabric. Upholstery in fire retardant polyether foam. Backrest of compression-moulded birch.

Measurements (mm):
Seat height 420
Overall height 890 (incl. backrest)
Overall depth 460
Seat Ø 390
CC seats 650
Length, 2-seat 1300