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An eclectic and highly contemporary vision informs the collections signed by Paola Navone for the BISAZZA CONTEMPORARY CEMENT TILES line.
For the first time, decorative cement tiles take on a completely modern look, thanks to the singular pairing of hexagonal and square geometric shapes that are imperfect and stylized, capable of imbuing each and every tile with bold personality.
These playfully decorative motifs are available in a wide range of colors; “meeting” freely, they create unique patterns, similar to rugs, bringing a novel look to almost any surface. The graceful irregularity of the figures lends an element of surprise to the collection, marking a significant turning point in interior decor.

“The cement tile collections are the product of a convergence between the creative minds at Bisazza and my colorful, eclectic and spontaneous way of thinking.
Shapes that are vaguely pop.
Giant asterisks.
Uneven, slanted octagons.
Un-square squares. Rectangles that are not quite rectangular.
Odd shapes carve whimsical, stylized flowers in hexagons. Because even imperfections have their own special kind of beauty.
Decorative motifs to be freely mixed and matched. Forming a free-spirited parquet. A rug inspired by ancient folk traditions.
A unique patchwork that could be mistaken for a quirky ‘50s experimental design. Making each floor uncommonly individual.
An invitation that dares you to try different shapes and compositions, mixing patterns and colors from the new Bisazza cement tiles collections.” Paola Navone

Tiles made entirely by hand using high-strength cement blended with coloured oxides. Square (20x20 cm) or hexagonal in shape (20x23 cm). Design Paola Navone