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Bisazza glass mosaic pattern, 10x10 mm tiles

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Romanticism and magnificent detailing are the distinctive traits of the decorative patterns signed by Carlo dal Bianco. The Bisazza Mosaico collection gains new patterns inspired by the world of flowers in the classical style: Fabric Blue Oro and the more contemporary-styled Dalia Blu.
Chinoiserie is a pattern that draws inspiration from delicate 18th-century Meissen porcelain, the most ancient German manufacturer of porcelain objects. Europe in the 18th-century became fascinated with a dreamed-idealized concept of the Far East which gave rise - in the figurative arts - to the "Chinoiserie" trend. Inspired by the figurative and imaginative language of an ‘imagined’ China, the pattern spans 6 panels. Characters and scenes from Asian life, created in 24k gold mosaic tiles using the traditional artistic technique, are resplendent against a digitally-created white mosaic background.
The XI’AN pattern, depicting the famous Terracotta army of warriors from the city of Xi’an, is re-introduced in a shade of grey as well as in a new version featuring four more warrior figures that have been added to the existing ones.
All of these patterns are crafted from 10x10 mm tiles, using both artistic and digital techniques.

“I love mosaic.
It's a technique that's part of me, like drawing, and I use it as an expression of the beautiful things I'd like to surround myself with.
It's an ongoing personal research as an antidote against mediocrity.
It's an extraordinary matter, shiny and full of personality.
It's a little thing which can arouse big emotions.” Carlo Dal Bianco