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Avani | Copper Polished Finish
Avani | Candle Holder
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Modular Candle Holder unit with a Copper Polished Finish.

Steel, Electroplated Plating
25 cm x 20 cm H 8.5 cm

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Beautiful from every perspective, AVANI is a geometrical candle chandelier made up of an angled wire structure. Manufatured using a wire bending technique, it comes in four finishes; gold, silver copper and black. AVANI chandliers can also be paired together to create a more complex interlinking structure. Elegant, intricate and attractive, AVANI is a show piece ornament for any home.

“We started this project by testing different space arrangement of candles.” said the studio Poetic Lab. “In a way the design process is not about creating a solid shape, but to eliminate the physical trace of the candle holder, giving stage to the space, the light and the candles.”

Finishes :
Silver Polished Finish (AV-S)
Gold Polished Finish (AV-G)
Copper Polished Finish (AV-C)
Black Matte Finish (AV-B)