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BetteCora Ronda II Shower Screen
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The classic design in a new look
With its softly curved inside and central outlet the popular BETTECORA bath and shower combination provides both bathing comfort and shower pleasure even in a small bathroom. The BETTECORA II shower screen, which swings inwards and outwards, is a perfect match for the unusual shape. As an optional extra, the bath can also be fitted with the BETTECORA SWING II fixed shower screen. It offers additional splash protection with its moveable side section.

BetteCora II Shower Screen
Shower or bath? Why not both! The new BETTESHOWER SCREENS are the uncomplicated solution for turning a bath into a shower at any time - without compromise. We have precisely tailored the shower screen to fit the bath; of high-class design, reliably water-tight and easy to clean.
Magnetism is a complex physical phenomenon. With his help, we have developed a reliable splash guard for the shower screens of our steel/enamel trays: A lifting and lowering mechanism docks the seal on the edge of the BETTEBATH and BETTESHOWER TRAYS – it looks discreet and provides efficient protection. BETTESHOWER SCREENS comply with the EN 144328 standard in terms of reliable product quality.
BETTESHOWER SCREENS are a delight to use and care for. Because the hinges are sunk into the glass to lie flush with the inside, cleaning is quick and easy. In addition to this, all the surfaces are given a water and dirt repellent coating of BETTEREAL GLASS PLUS.