Product description

SmoonCage Glass is a mouth-blown glass lamp made piece by piece by a master glazier.
It is very enlightening, to switch it on and off just tap with a finger. The lighting system is composed by a set of ten-year-lifetime LEDs. It allows minimizing the carbon footprint.
This lamp, entirely made in France is designed by our team who takes care of every single detail in order to have a perfect aesthetic and a well finished lamp.

Product family


Moon Portrait…In the style of Jacques Prévert.
« We painted a cage with an opened door… Something pretty, something simple, something beautiful, something useful… Then we placed our painting on a tree, in a garden, in a wood. And we hid behind the tree silently, without moving… We waited for long years before the moonlights decide to enter in the cage. And when they entered we slowly closed the door. »
SmoonCage is the result of designers’ dream, «to catch moonlights and put them in a cage.
Collection Smoon Cage, first presented in January 2012.