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Product description

Nomad Smoon is the first rechargeable wireless patented lamp. Created in 2005, it received the First prize of Innovation in 2006. Indoor and Outdoor use, rain resistant, this Nomad lamp works like a mobile phone. When fully charged it can be used on a table, in the bedroom or on the terrace and lights up for 10 hours. Poly-sensitive, nice to look at and to touch, its softness is due to a thin silicone coating on the sphere which gives a velvet light and a unique touch. Equipped with a sensitive switch, it is very convenient and also fun to switch on and off: a small tap with a finger and it lights up! Its very pure and simple moon shape is easy to adapt to any kind of interior decoration style. The lighting system is based on a group of LED that works for 10 years avoiding waste while saving electricity. A team of French designers who took special care of the quality and finish invented this lamp.

Lighting system: Power LED, 650 lm, 7 colors of light available : pure white (6000°K), warm white (3000 °K), amber, red, green, blue et pink
Alimentation: 12 V
Size: diameter 30 cm or 40 cm
Weight: 6 kg
Materials: Polyethylene, lead battery.
Delivered with a simple charger.
Warranty: 1 year
Fabriqué en France

Product family


Beau & Bien created smoon collection in order to allow everyone getting it´s own small moon at home. With a wire or wireless, smoon is a high technology product, combining high powered LED as the lighting source, a polyethylene sphere (material used in spaceship because of it´s resistance capacities to high or low temperature and high pressure) and a sensitive switch to switch on and off.
Thanks to it´s silicone coat smoon collection is soft to touch and pleasing to the´s sensuality will give you the feeling to have more than a simple lamp...