Product description

My Kube is a small atmosphere lamp to be put on tables. Made up of 2 elements, a bright lighting element and a diffuser of light element, it is totally customizable. Pattern cut out, color, logo printing: everything is posible to adapt the small lamp to an hotel or a restaurant environment. Autonomous and wireless, My Kube reloads as a mobile phone and supplies 12 hours of bright atmosphere inside as well as outside.

Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 5 cm + diffuser,
H 20 cm
Materials: Plexiglass and PVC
Lighting system: LED, power 400 lm, lifetime 10 years
Alimentation: 12 V
Battery NIMH
Made in France

Product family


Ambiance and wireless light for a collection of small table lamps. Convenient, they can be used indoor as well as outdoor and will bring the comfort of a soft and contemporary atmosphere small lamp.