Product description

Lady Smoon is a floor Lamp combining a fashion trend background and an advanced light system. It lights up with a floor switch. It will find its perfect spot in a bedroom, beside a sofa or even in a store window! This floor lamp brings a “Haute couture” touch to any kind of interior decoration. Equipped with a 12 V LED bulb (with a life time of 10 years) this floor lamp does not require much maintenance. Indoor use only.

Lighting system: 12 V LED bulb - 500 lm, life time - 80 000 h
Alimentation: 12 V
Base: steel, Lampshade: lacked paper, Body: leatherette
Body colour: white with white stitch or brown with white stitch
Garanty: 1 year
Made in France

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Beau & Bien created smoon collection in order to allow everyone getting it´s own small moon at home. With a wire or wireless, smoon is a high technology product, combining high powered LED as the lighting source, a polyethylene sphere (material used in spaceship because of it´s resistance capacities to high or low temperature and high pressure) and a sensitive switch to switch on and off.
Thanks to it´s silicone coat smoon collection is soft to touch and pleasing to the´s sensuality will give you the feeling to have more than a simple lamp...