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Lovegrove has created a public seating that has all the character of a exuberantly lively sculpture, with forms designed to engage the emotions. And its very generous dimensions allow to seat up to ten people at once, as well as making it the children have a whale of a time. The bench is made from rotation- moulded polyethylene, a 100% waterproof material that is dyed during the manufacturing process giving a suggestive and infinite spectrum of attractive colours (to the client’s own specifications, subject to the quantity of units

Rotomoulded polythene in white, beige, green, blue, red, sandstone and millstone. to give the bench the required stability, it can be filled with either water or sand, according to its location. It can be stacked,to make transport easier.

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Bd Barcelona design continues with its labour of improving the quality of urban spaces by developing new designs and new concepts. Just as, in its day, the concept of street furniture was defined, so now is born a new concept furniture for transit areas because cities too have evolved, and the dividing line between the space of public squares, airport terminals and shopping malls is ever more blurred.