Product description

Woods: Birch, oak
Surface: Varnished, stained
Seat: Wood, upholstered seat,
Height: 79,5 cm
Seatheight: 46 cm
Width: 52 cm
Depth: 51,5 cm
A = All in wood
B = Upholstered seat

Product variants

Product family


Chair S-393 is a stackable chair with a crossrail base and a generous back piece in laminated molded wood. S-393 is available in birch and oak. The base, seat and back can be stained individually. Upholstery options for the S-393 chair are all in wood or upholstered seat. Optional extra for the chair is a chair suspension for the table so that the chair when not in use hangs with the seat just under the table top and it allows for easy cleaning of the table top and the floor. Chair S-393 is the normal size chair in the series 193/293/393.