Product description

LET HELI – free pending like a helicopter…
Free adjustable ceiling lamp for tables, walls or indirect illuminations. The current carrying ball joint and the novel telescopic slide-out are leading the light precisely to the desired place in an operating range of 2 meters.

Reflektor: alu oder schwarz eloxiert
Schalter und Dimmer integriert
Teleskop: verchromt
2x4 Power-LED warmweiss 2700 oder 3000 Kelvin
Thermosensor 1000 Lumen / 90°
Leistung: 24W inkl. Adapter / 100 – 240V ~
Kugelgelenk: Auslenkung max. ± 30°

Product family


The brillant light with the very high efficiency of the Power-LED sets new standars in office and living areas. With the button on the profise, the lamp can be dimmed in 5 stages.