Product description

Reflector: anodised aluminium or black, chrome
Rod: chrome
Base: anodised aluminium or black, chrome
Spiral cable: black
Light source:
High-voltage halogen R7S
max. 300 W dimmable to 60 W
Recommended: IRC 225 W

Product family


The universal applicability of the halo reflector allows the following types of similarly shaped lamp. Universal, bright and timeless are the defining characteristics of the Halo 250. The multi-direction articulation and adjustable height of the reflector create a lamp for highly diverse applications: from dimmed atmospheric lighting or a focused desk light to indirect space illumination in living and working areas. The restrained design and high quality materials make the Halo 250 a classic.

Having been tried and tested for almost 30 yearsm the Halo lamps are now supplied with a new dimmer developed by our team. The Silentio push-button dimmer not only complemments Halo in its design, it also operates silently and enables mooth control across brightness levels.

is an unassuming ceiling lamp for focused or indirect light. It is particularly suitable for small rooms or compactly dimensioned workplaces where the floor and desktop must be kept free.

The height-adjustable and universally swivelling Halo table lamp can completely illuminate an extensive working area. For extremely large worktops we recommend the long reach of 625 mm.

is a stable height-adjustable arch lamp with counterweight. The playfully designed mechanism with steel cord, acrylic pulley and ball weight allows the Halo Mobil to be steplessly turned and height-adjusted with just one finger.