Product description

Suspension: Wire cord
EVG: built in
Cable: Wire cord, cable transparent, free or concealed
Light source: 2x55W TCL 1380mm 2x80W TCL 1460
Reflector: anodised aluminium

Product family


The efficient and height-adjustable reflector of the Eco Lit assures optimal direction of the light at the workplace.

ECO LIT 2 x 55 W impresses with its efficiency. The energy-saving, light-optimised swivelling reflector and telescopically height-adjustable upright guarantee ideal lighting conditions at the workplace in the office. The Eco Lit can be optionally fitted with a movement detector or light sensor. The pull-switch on the telescopic upright allows both possibilities. Three different baffles determine the lighting effect and appearance of the Eco Lit. The various models give the planner great aesthetic and technical flexibility.

The following are available:
– Eco Lit Parabol
– Eco Lit Color
– Eco Lit Alu

With its light-optimized reflector and innovative electronic components the Eco Lit expands our Eco office lighting system. The pull-switch is built into the reflector module. It is an integral part of all Eco Lit models with or without electronic sensor. A fine cord is attached to the easily reachable switch tube.