St. Martin is a new sectional couch that combines the quality of a “box” couch – ease of assembly and management – with true compositional modularity.

As in a classic “box” couch an external visible structure supports the seats and holds the armrests and the backrest: it’s a steel-bar with a rectangular cross-section of 5cm x 1,5cm which hugs the entire couch or armchair. But the support structure of St. Martin is reduced to an absolute minimum: the steel bar visually extremely light becomes an elegant graphic line that while favoring an unimpeded view of the fabric cushions becomes the defining aesthetic element of the couch.

Although minimal this external structure allows the cushions to be indipendent element lacking an internal structure and easy to remove. St. Martin features a very deep seat , soft and comfortable, where the slightly destructured cushions play against the geometry of the steel bar. The aesthetic relationship between the structure and the pillows can be a subtle one of tone on-tone or a strong contrast of colors: the structure is offered in 3 different finishes: chrome, white and brown-black. They are easy to assemble and highly modular: the whole system is based on a contained “vocabulary” of parts. The compositional possibilities and their length are practically limitless. The St.Martin line includes over 20 elements, from the armchair to the sectional modules. The CFC-free cushions are made of flexible polyurethane shaped from block and feature internal belting for support. The high grade and different densitiest of the material optimize comfort and durability. The filling of the cushions is topped with the highest quality down (gold label), quilted in small sectional pockets to prevent bunching up of the feathers. All the cushions feature truly removable covers for maintenance. For optimal comfort the system includes 50x50cm pillows (recommended) also filled with gold label down. The fabrics are those of the Baleri Italia collection, renewed and updated for 2008.