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Iconic Panel
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Product description

Material: Standard panels have an MDF core, carved and covered in formed laminate.
Sizing: 96" h x 46" w x 3/4" d
Options: Core: Fire rated panels, Moisture resistant panels, "green" panels.
Colors: 11 colors and finishes offered, as well as unfinished.
Finish: Gloss or matte.

Product family


Iconic Panels are created using an innovative process of formed laminate over a carved wood core. They are designed with a repeating pattern both horizontally and vertically, giving them the ability to cover extremely large surfaces. Incredibly durable, they can be sawn, nailed, screwed, glued, or simply mounted on walls with B&N’s special Panel Cleats. Iconic Panels can also be easily outfitted with any of our shelving and accessory hardware; we suggest outfitting them with the Puck System. Iconic Panels are also available with LEED-qualified, fire-rated, or water-resistant cores. We have seen them used in everything from store interiors, hospitality lobbies, as headboards in hotel rooms, and even large-scale installations in contract spaces.