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Sun Design Panel D950
Sun Design Panel D950
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Wall coverings-Wall panels >
Wall coverings-Acoustic solutions >


Finishing with high design effect is only one of the important characteristics of this coating in high-density polyurethane foam. This is lightweight decorative panels of various sizes and finishes featuring countless dunes, waves, buttons, pillows, etc..
Supplied in any color in a European RAL, these covers allow you to create unique and stunning incredible impact that marries beautifully surreal modern furnishings and newstyle where gloss lacquered finishes and colors to give very strong and vibrant environment harmony.

Forming part of the category of sound-absorbing products are perfectly complemented by the furnishings of public spaces, clubs, hall, water development, and in all environments where elegance, creativity and inspiration are the future not the limit.
A technological material of high hardness and durability, durable UV and water-proof, good thermal and sound insulation comes with a glossy finish in any color scheme or finish primer white.

Ø 30 x H 4 cm
0,09 m2