Product description

S70: Ø22 x 70 cm. H max 260 cm
S100: Ø22 x 100 cm. H max 290 cm
S130: Ø22 x 130 cm. H max 320 cm
S160: Ø22 x 160 cm. H max 350 cm

S70: Fluor. 2 x 14/24W (G5)
S100: Fluor. 2 x 21/36W (G5)
S130: Fluor. 2 x 28/54W (G5)
S160: Fluor. 2 x 35/49W (G5)

Product family


Suspension lamp (S) made out of opaline polymethacrylate in satin white, coated in a stainless steel, cylindrical metal mesh, lacquered in steel or bronze finishes. Another version is available with a connector (C), with 2.5 m of cable.