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Fat Sofa outdoor
Fat Sofa
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Product description

The rounded, soft and sinuous shapes of the fat-sofa seating system are the base for thenew outdoor version, characterized by a brand new interlacing design. its fully paddedseat is accompanied by a metal frame backrest that supports the original weave, creatinga special play of fullness and emptiness. the large weave pattern, made of tortoracoloured twisted polyethylene fibres, makes the design unique, respecting the designer’sidea of lightness, transparency and puts the furnishings in an open “dialogue” with thesurrounding environment. fat-sofa outdoor consists of six types, ranging from the linearsofa to a large relax island, from two height variants of the armchair to a range ofdifferent sizes of ottomans. the new collection of fabrics, available also on the largeback cushions, creates evocative colour and visual combinations.

frame finish:
polyester powder painting
internal frame (fa150-fa230):
tubular steel and steel profiles
internal frame upholstery (fa150-fa230):
bayfit® (bayer®) flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam, shaped
polyurethane of different density, cover in water repellent polyester fibre
upholstery (fa61p-fa76p):
bayfit® (bayer®) flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam, shaped
polyurethane, cover in water repellent polyester fibre
back cushion:
polyester fibre, cover in water repellent polyester fibre
bottom base:
100% polyamide fabric pvc coated, black pvc trimming
fabric (limited categories)

Product family


In the beginning there was Fat-Fat, a multifunctional element that doubled as a table/container, from which first the Fat-Fat coffee tables and then the Fat-Fat bed developed. Now these same round, soft and sinuous shapes are repeated in a seating system which includes different typologies: from the linear sofa to the terminal elements, from the armchair with back in two heights, to the chaise longue and to the new ottomans. Fat-Sofa can be upholstered in fabric or leather and is available in a double-colour version or mixing leather and fabric, where the horizontal and vertical surfaces dialogue with each other through nuances of shade or in stronger contrasts.