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Ethnic Garden Malibú 30x90
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30 x 90 cm
11 2/3" x 35 1/2" inch

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The Ethnic series combines a texture evocative of fabric with a look typical of wood, with a gloss finish on its wall tiles.

Patterns with subtle horizontal lines that seek to provide a sense of purity, harmony and essentiality, making full use of all the advantages of technology.

The Ethnic series is inspired by the materials that surround us, transforming them into a surface with the emphasis on design. These unique tiles do not aspire to imitate but to offer a carefully balanced combination of natural beauty, design and visual appeal.

The Ethnic series is the result of extensive research aimed at combining colours and patterns able to meet the latest trends in fashion and design, creating a tile series suitable for use on walls and floors, for settings of all kinds.

The Ethnic series includes decors with motifs reminiscent of upholstery, curtains, linen and Japanese fabrics, ranging from simple patterns to elaborate Baroque designs. In short, this is a series that brings together different trends, cultures and life styles, offering a harmonious blend of natural aesthetics, design and visual appeal.

The series combines two different yet complementary finishes: a gloss one (the wall tiles) and another satin one (the floor tiles).

It comes in a highly original choice of elegant, up-to-date colours including greys, creams, browns, reds and blues, inspired by fashion and the world of nature.

Thanks to the series' wide variety of formats, décors and colours, the tiles can be combined in numerous different ways, giving living spaces an original, modular look. Each format can be used for different living spaces and different settings, with the unique advantage that the tiles can be laid horizontally or vertically.