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120S Pendant light
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Product description

120S Pendant light is a further option of the spot light 120S. Connected to- and hanging from a DALI-track, solo or together with further 120S Pendant lights or 120S Spotlights, the120S Pendant light can illuminate the entire dining table or reception counter. If DALI-control is not requested the 120S Pendant light can be controlled individually by the included dimmer as well as the 120S Spotlight. Integrated in the track the flat adapter ensures a plain and elegant appearance. The height-adjustable light head enables best positioning.

Illuminant: 17,5 /21,6 W 700mA 24° /40° 2700 K /3000 K 1500-2400 lm according to illuminant CRI >85 bzw. 92
Material: Aluminum black or white powdercoated
Dimensions: Light head D 120 mm H 81 mm

Product family


LED spotlight 120S aluminium powder coated black fine structure.

For 3-phase high voltage track or DALI track. Light element can be swiveled 360 ° horizontally.

A: 12.5W 18W / 12V, 24 ° / 40 ° 2700K / 3000K 740 -820 lm depending on lamp. CRI> 85
B: 18.5 / 22.5 W 700mA 24 ° / 40 ° 2700 K / 3000K 1200-1800 lm depending on lamp CRI> 85

Dimming options: non-dimmable / DALI dimmable / by push button on the luminaire. Bulbs and ballasts are interchangeable.

Overall dimensions: 120 x 120 mm

Colour: Standard: Black fine structure powder coated / Nickel joint gloss. On requests special colours.