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A palette of fun, bright colours and now new décors as well, for this collection of lamps featuring soft, flexible lines which come to life in a vast range of colourful vibrations and burst like a corolla of petals in the sunshine. Muse captures and enhances some spectacular aspects of natural elements, creating a fun and light furnishing style affording original and intriguing expressive results. Colours, shapes, sizes and beguiling natural references (in the new “Fiore” and “Sticks” fabric models) make Muse an extremely versatile lamp suitable for the most different settings, from the home to the contract industry. These voluptuous and soft lamps are built with a metal frame wrapped with elasticated fabric, which is removable, washable and interchangeable. The collection, which already included round wall lights/ceiling lamps (40, 60, 80 and 120 cm diameter) and a suspension lamp (with a diameter of 80 cm) available in 11 fantastic colours, has now been extended with two new “Fiore” and “Sticks” decorated fabrics (available for the round wall lights/ceiling lamps), with two new square wall lights/ceiling lamps (60X60 cm and 120X120 cm, available in white only), with two new sparkling suspension lamps (with a diameter of 25 cmand60cm),andwithtwofuntablelamps (33cmx13cmxH.30 cm or 60 cm x 18 cm x H. 54 cm), also available in white only.