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Blum SP 19
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Blum: petals of light

Blum, designed by Marcello Furlan for Axo Light, is an exquisite collection of blown glass and metal suspended ceiling lamps, and the concept developed from a study of natural and organic elements reinterprets the traditional forms of Venetian glasswork: an abundance of glass vases like sunrays burst out of a chrome-plated metal sphere, densely covering its surface to form a five-lobed flower that forms an impressive “blossom of crystal”.

This light comes in a choice of two finishes, both of which possess an individual charm: the crystal finish plays on the refractive effect of glass creating a radiance of light that gives this suspended model a floaty, lightweight appearance, reminiscent of a dandelion just before it disperses its seeds to the wind. The chrome plated glass version, on the contrary, features a special reflective effect, creating streaks of changing light and making the light similar to metal liquid on which luminous flowers float.
This suspended lighting source has a light bulb in each single glass vase: the combined effect of these bulbs is a diffused light without an unpleasant glare, as each single bulb lights the edge of the five-lobed vase bringing out the suppleness and softness of a lamp that transforms into a unique and impressive furnishing and decorative feature.
Blum is available in 31-bulb, 19-bulb or single-bulb versions and is sold accompanied by a precious blown-glass vase, a flower borrowed from the lamp’s halo of light, whose characteristics make it ideal both for holding flowers and as a pleasant furnishing feature.