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Level Stage
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Multimedia furnit...-Sound systems/speakers >

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Design meets the stage. AUX Sound in a striking form finished with a tough black multilayer tactile coating - the same used on professional systems. Flat black hexagonal punched steel grill with black HiFi sponge protect its speaker drivers.


The Level is ready to play out of the box - hooks built in for on wall mounting or simply place it on 2 bricks. AUX Stands transform the Level into a piece of art for spectacular installations.

400watt self powered stereo, ideal for all iThings, Airplay and TV. Features fatigue free 100 watt 4" broadband drivers left and right and a 200 watt subwoofer. Compact but extremely powerful. Full 3D sound.
We know people want great music and total simplicity.
Nothing extra. No wires. No mess.
The AUX Level is the first single box sound solution to incorporate the AUX Out 400 electronics and the broadband satellite drivers from the AUX Classic, housed in a shelf like form factor. 100cm wide but only 16cm tall and 20cm deep.
It is the perfect width for a 42" flat panel TV. In fact, it is the ideal 2.1 solution for your home theatre. It gives great stereo.
The subwoofer section is covered by two specially designed 5" drivers set in a shared side slat bass reflex design and is simply astounding in its linearity.
And twice as powerful as the Classic.
This simple shape can be hung on the wall acting as a shelf - hooks built in. It can be propped up at the back of your desk on two Blox creating more desktop space both below it and above it as a shelf.
It adds space to your desk, doesn't take it away like other stereos. Your desk grows "up" and you are immersed in the best 3d stereo you've ever heard and never imagined possible.
It can be placed on a stand, short or tall (pre-threaded mounting points built in), becoming an elegant thin table.
The Level is a designer's dream capable of hundreds of clever interpretations.
The AUX Store has several limited edition accessories that turn your AUX Level into a strikingly beautiful piece of furniture ready for the most demanding environments.
We've created a perfect space on the back of the Level for hiding an Apple Airport Express and any extra cable mess it might create, leaving you a totally clean, wireless installation (aside from the power cord of course).
A Level with all of your music inside - directly from your computer, iPhone or iPad, right off the internet - anywhere in your home. 
Truly Plug & Play.
This is the future of music we've all been waiting for.