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Studio Linea
Studio Linea
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Product description

60x120 - 23 5/8”x47 1/4” 4,8 mm
30x120 - 11 3/4”x47 1/4” 4,8 mm
60x60 - 23 5/8”x23 5/8” 4,8 mm


The Atlas Concorde Thin Porcelain Stoneware.

Maximum technology, minimum thickness.
A slim and light ceramic slab designed to offer architects new planning opportunities. Linea is the innovative products range introduced by Atlas Concorde which, thanks to the latest production technologies, synthesizes all the qualities of the porcelain stoneware in just 4.8 mm of thickness.

The advantages of lightness.
Thanks to the reduced weight, around 9 kg for a 60x120 slab, the products of the Linea range are easy to handle even in the large formats. The slim thickness makes the cutting and drilling of each piece easier. Extremely versatile, they give architectural projects a clean and contemporary feel.

Freedom to renovate.
Linea is perfect to renovate residential and light commercial areas as it can be directly installed on pre existing stone, marble or ceramic floors and walls without demolishing. This eliminates all the problems caused by traditional renovation projects.

A new idea of wall covering.
Linea finds its perfect application as a wall covering of indoors and outdoors spaces, in all the situations where lightness is a crucial element. It can be applied on pre-existing surfaces or brand new ones with innovative contents of technology and design.

Ceramics that love nature.
The minimum thickness means less impact on the environment reducing the consumption of raw materials, energy, packaging materials and transport. The slabs of the Linea range, like all the other Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware collections, are Ecolabel certified.

Slim surfaces for architecture.
Studio is the first collection developed in the Linea range with 4.8 mm thickness. The available colours are White, Ivory, Silver and Black. The slabs in the sizes 60x60, 60x120 and 30x120 enrich this series of new planning opportunities. The sizes in both thickness have a modular calibre allowing the use of the standard thickness on the floor coordinated with the thin one for the wall.