Key facts

Milestone Alaska Mosaico
Atlas Concorde
Architonic ID:
Hard floors-Ceramic flooring
Flooring units-Mosaics
Cladding panel...-Porcelain cladding panels

Product description

30x30 - 12"x12"


Refinement merges with the warmth of stone to create comfortable and pleasant atmospheres, where the space becomes a true scenery to live in and not only to show. The Brick decor gives the wall a sophisticated aesthetics with delicate effects of graphic and chromatic dynamism. Milestone boasts excellent technical features and has a textured version which assures a safe environment for outdoor spaces, creating welcoming and homogeneous atmospheres that stretch establishing a continuity between inside and outside. The installation of the Fascia decor allows to alternate horizontal and vertical lines, creating delicate suggestions of graphic movement. Milestone exalts the charm of natural stone through a material that spreads an intense aesthetic pleasure, with delicate veinings, colour shades and small, embedded fossils. The material enriches the space with refi ned and original decors, which glamorize the product’s chromatic shading variations. The Texture insert overlaps a shade-on-shade decorative pattern on the natural stone allowing a personalization of the surfaces with a sophisticated style, always co-ordinated and homogeneous. Three kinds of fi nishes, natural, honed and textured, and four warm and balanced colours, meet any planning need, from classic style to contemporary spaces, up to architectural and bio-building renovation projects. In its textured version, the Brick decor revives the three-dimensional texture of the backdrop creating refi ned design effects on walls.