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KONE_Porcelain tiles
Technology: Coloured body porcelain tiles - Rectified monocaliber
Sizes (cm-in): 120x240 - 471/4”x941/2” Matte; 120x120 - 471/4”x471/4” Matte; 75x150 - 291/2”x59” Matte, Polished; 75x75 - 291/2”x291/2” Matte, Polished; 45x90 - 173/4”x353/8” Matte, Textured LASTRA 20mm;
60x60 - 235/8”x235/8” Matte, Polished, Textured LASTRA 20mm; 30x60 - 113/4”x235/8” Matte, Polished, Grip.
Surface finish: Matte (R10 A), Polished, Grip (R11 A+B), Textured LASTRA 20mm (R11 A+B+C)
Colors: White, Silver, Beige, Pearl, Grey, Mix

KONE_Wall tiles
Technology: White-body wall tiles - Rectified monocaliber
Sizes (cm-in): 50x110 - 195/8”x431/4”, 40x80 - 153/4”x311/2”
Surface finish: Matte
Colors: White, Silver, Beige

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White-body wall tiles
Rectified monocaliber
Coloured body porcelain tiles
Rectified monocaliber

Kone is a collection of coordinated floor and wall tiles inspired by limestone for use in advanced design settings, where the emotional appeal of stone combines with the advantages of ceramic tiles from Atlas Concorde. The surface includes solutions for business environments and residential areas where the experience of living is sophisticated and authentic.
The collection is designed to breathe life into contemporary interior and exterior architectures by creating a dialog with porcelain floor and wall tiles, having a minimalist stone look.

KONE_ Coloured body porcelain tiles
The Kone porcelain tile project is inspired by a contemporary interpretation of natural stone. The elegance of the limestone effect is expressed in two surfaces with different and complementary personalities: matte and polished. The natural matte finish, available in many sizes up to 120x240 cm - 471/4”x941/2”, has a micro-texture with imperceptible irregularities. The surface guarantees R10 non-slip performance while retaining a pleasant touch. The graphic minimalism that recalls the stone is enriched with a light shimmering effect, the result of bright micro-granules typical of limestone. The polished finish features a reflective stone look and a smooth, soft feel. The surface is also replicated in the grip version and stone-look 2 cm thickness outdoor floors, for an outdoor design in which functionality and aesthetics become accomplices of the original material.
The inspiration of stone translates into a natural, contemporary palette, where every shade of color brings with it a profound sense of sophistication and authenticity. A warm white and a sandy color join with a modern scale of three grays, from light to dark, for multiple tone-on-tone combinations.

KONE_ White body wall tiles
The Kone range of wall tiles makes it possible to create extensive, neutral, continuous backgrounds that recall natural limestone. The result is an environment coordinated by rigorous and flexible architecture. Three light natural tones, a warm white, a sand shade, and a delicate gray match with the palette of the porcelain tile floors, offering all the installation and maintenance advantages typical of white body wall tiles. Kone wall tiles have a matte glaze with a smooth, velvety touch, rich in micro sparkles. The three-dimensional ceramic wall tiles with the look of worked stone, available in two decorative reliefs, give the collection an extremely distinctive character. The walls are transformed into sculpted backdrops, combining design and nature with durability and simplicity of cleaning.