Product description

When Olle Lundberg designed the pendant luminaire Riff, he wanted to create a flexible and versatile lumi­naire, which could easily be adapted to different envi­ronments. He thought about how a car is built, where the bottom plate is the common component of various car models, and what differs them is the expression of design.

The common component of Riff is the so-called light en­gine. To complete the luminaire, one of three accessories are added – two are in glass and another consists of a decorative mould with an extra diffusing plate. The attachment of the light engine and the ac­cessory is an important part of the production, and is designed so that other kinds of accessories in different materials can be added if needed or if the design re­quires it. Riff comes in three different sizes and the light engine is painted in black or white.

LED light source included, colour temperature 3000K or 4000K
Riff puck/bowl/cone=Ø100 / 150 / 225 mm

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