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Interactive | Heavy Duty Single Display Desk Mount AWMS-HXB
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Product description

The AWMS-HXB desk mount is designed to support loads of up to 16kg. Bigger, heavier screens—including curved monitors and all-in-one PCs—are easily accommodated with this brilliantly designed solution. Its spring-assisted arm with three points of articulation enables effortless adjustment from a seated position. The arm incorporates a spring-tension visual gauge indicator to save the time and effort of multiple installations. It also features an integrated rotation stopper to prevent interference with panels and walls. Flexibility extends to the choice of desk fixing options (not included). Built from lightweight and yet durable aluminium, the mount can be easily recycled at the end of its life.

This solution is part of the Atdec modular family and features the following individual components:

1 x AWM-AHX dynamic arm, 1 x AWM-LTH VESA tilt head, and 1 x AWM-LB desk base.
Choose your preferred desk fixing option (not included).

Ideal for: Heavy/large displays up to 43” (or 49” ultra-wide monitors).

Upgrades: The display mounting head can be replaced with the AWM-RL dual crossbar (sold separately). The arm can be also attached to any AWM post.

Functionality specifications:

75 x 75 or 100 x 100 VESA. Recommended load: 6-16kg per monitor
VESA compatibility can be extended to 200 x 100 or 200 x 200 using AC-AP-2020 adapter plate (sold separately)
Arm reach: 597mm, maximum display height:
Landscape to portrait monitor rotation
Glare control and optimal viewing angle adjustment via tilt and pan capabilities
Focal distance control

Design considerations:

Ergonomic spring-assisted movement for easy adjustment
Small footprint
Modular, adaptable and upgradeable design
Available in Silver, Black or White finish
Sleek, supple design
Made of durable aluminium that can be easily recycled at the end of life


Simple assembly using modular parts
Spring-tension visual gauge to assist with multiple desk installations
20-degree tool-free monitor tilt adjustment
Built-in optional arm rotation stopper to prevent interference with walls or desk partitions
Choice of desk mounting options
Advanced cable management

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