Product description

Panel Size: 303cm x 132cm [h]
Panel Thickness: ~ 8 - 12 mm
Pattern Depth: ~ 10 - 14 mm
Weight: ~ 7 - 8 kg/m²
Product Guarantee: 10 YEARS for interior spaces / 5 YEARS for exterior spaces
Installation Guarantee: 5 YEARS
Class of Non-flammability: According to "Euroclass ISO EN 13501-1 EU" norms, "Class A2 Non-flammable & Non-combustible"
Density: "1.46 gr/cm³" according to "TS EN ISO 1183-1" norms
Temperature Resistance Limit: "No deterioration at 800 °C" according to "ASTM E1069" norms
Barcol Hardness: "52" according to "TS EN 59" norms
Impact resistance -Ball Method: "No crackages" according to "DIN ISO 4586 T12" norms
Impact Resistance - with Charpy Device: "30 dB" according to "TS EN ISO 179-1" norms
Sound Insulation: "40 dB" according to "TS EN ISO 140-3" norms
Frost Resistance: "No deterioration" according to "ASTM C 666" norms


With its horizontal mesh system, Labranza creates maximum spaciousness in any environment. From modern to classical, it is a structure that can be a suitable background in any style. This product with a characteristic structure provides integrity by creating contrasts with the decoration elements in the applied space. Creating spaces with a perception of eternal meditation space, Labranza is one of the most striking examples of a sophisticated style. Labranza has the Gris, Earth and Carmin alternatives.