• single pendant with direct-indirect lighting using 54w and 80w t16 fluorescent light source.
• 2 versions: lost (1xt16) and lost duo (2xt16).
• dark light optics with lateral aluminium reflectors.
• aluminium central profile (lost duo).
• end caps in translucent injection moulded polycarbonate.
• light output ratio: 66%. light distribution: 55% indirect and 45% direct.
• electronic control gear, with or without dimming (dali-switchdim).
• luminaire comes complete with quick-adjustment steel cables, ceiling surface place and power cable.
• complies with standard en60598-1 and other specific standards.

• for use with 1x54w or 1x80w t16.
• dark light emission is in compliance with en 12464-1 standard, with average luminance levels lower than the 1000 cd/m² limit for an observation angle of 65° or above with respect to the vertical axis.
• integral ballast located in the ceiling plate.

lost duo
• for use with 2x54w or 2x80w t16.
• interactive-dali system, combining a movement detector and a daylight sensor for auto-regulation in relation to people presence and variations in daylight.
• emergency lighting.