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Cata features an innovative catadioptric based around the principles of a lighthouse. The optical system has high axial intensities and an accurate light beam collimation, making Cata an extraordinary LED for accent lighting. The innovative mechanical configuration consists of 3 interconnected functional elements: ultra-thin power source, heat dissipating body, and interchangeable optical assembly via a ‘twist and lock’ mechanism. The separation of optical assembly and heat dissipating body, results in Cata being an extremely simple yet effective product, in terms of thermal management. The transparent materials and reflective surfaces make Cata distinguished by an unobstrusive design, giving a unique emphasis on light. 116

CATA OPTICAvailable Tunable White LED24W or Stable White - High axial intensities with considerable beam collimation. High-precision accent lighting. Well defined narrow beams. Excellent light blending. CATA TIR Available Tunable White or Stable White. Extremely compact dimensions. High efficiency. Wide availability of beam angles. Maximum control of light emission. Wide range of optical accessories. CATA WIDEAvailable Tunable White or Stable White. Soft, homogenous light. High efficiency. Diffused light effect produced by transparent material.

Material: Optic in transparent and metallic polycarbonate, heat sink in die-cast gloss aluminium, feeder/power supply in transparent polycarbonate, arm in die-cast gloss aluminium.
Awards: Reddot Design Award 2014, iF Product Design Award 2012
Colours: Polished Silver
Kelvin: 3000K/4000K
Power: Catadoptric Led 29W - Tir Led22,5W - Wide Led29W.