Product description

In a m2 of surface where the light fl ows in a fluid way on transparent wires and, through a mirrored reflector, materializes a lighting and volumetric effect wich is controlled. It is a cubic metre of light where everything is endlessly reflected, freely modulating more than a million of chromatic effects. The space is no more just one, but several, or simply “else”, illusory perception of reality, which drivesto a new place, elsewhere.

Materials: Perimeter structure made of mirror aluminium; side diffusers made of opaline Prismoptic; front diffuser in transparent engraved methacrylate.

Two versions are available, with two kind of reflector.
Fluid light: with mirror aluminium reflector
Volumetric light: with segment reflector in mirror aluminium.

Dimensions: Length: 100 cm, Breite: 100 cm

Light source: FLUO 2x3 RGB groups (tot. 6) x 39W (G 5) – T 16, (234W total power) Electronic ballasts, with dimmer.

Farbe: mirror

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