Double Coffee Table 907B

Coffee tables from Artek, Designed by Alvar Aalto

Product description

This singular double-decker coffee table features a lower tier that appears to float. The design employs Alvar Aalto's ingenious L-leg, which means that the coffee table is lightweight and easy to move wherever needed. Extremely durable and appealing, Double Coffee Table 907B draws the eye wherever it is placed.


The low table serves any number of functions, from a place to set down coffee or leave small items to a storage or display surface. Low tables may be drawn alongside or within reach of beds, sofas, and lounge chairs, positioned at the centre or periphery of an interior. Drawing the gaze down, the low table can provide a focal point, a plane around which furniture may be grouped; alternatively, the low table is a superb supporting player. The Artek collection showcases a diverse selection of low tables and celebrates a wealth of design history.
Manufacturer Artek
Family Double Coffee Table 907B
Architonic ID 1249117
Year of Launch 2014
Year of Design 1933

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