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Armchair 42
Armchair 42
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Product description

Armchair 42 – or “Small Paimio” – was designed by Alvar Aalto for the Paimio Sanatorium in 1932. The frame is made from laminated birch shaped to produce a cantilevered chair; the seat and back are created from one piece of form-pressed plywood. The fluidity of the design creates a soft, comfortable place to sit. The result is an armchair without straight lines, an armchair of exceptional aesthetic appeal. Since wood changes over time, the armrests are formed from a single piece that is then split in half, ensuring that as the chair ages, it remains perfectly balanced.


Comfort is essential to the lounge chair; a place to sit becomes a place to spend time. Offering single seating, the lounge chair affords the sitter a range of postures, provides support, and distributes pressure. A lounge chair may be displayed alone to provide a focal point for an interior, as one of a pair, or as part of a larger configuration. The Artek collection of lounge chairs showcases radically different work by a range of designers. Varying in material and aesthetic, the lounge chairs all unite beauty with functionality.