Product description

Chair with solid oak four leg base (natural oak, blenched oak, wengè, teak effect). Reinforced polypropylene shell available in several colours and fitted with upholstered cushion applied to the seat and the backrest surface. Available upholstered armrests and integrated armrests in aluminium also with upholstered.


Team is inspired as much by the precise shapes of technology as by the rational and innovative designs of modern architecture. An integrated system that matches a light, comfortable shell with a wide range of components and accessories. A balanced synthesis of technical features and aesthetics, Team responds to the functional needs of spaces designed for rapid, frequent changes in use and configuration. This makes it the ideal choice for conference halls, auditoriums, training centres and home office settings. The shell comes in polypropylene or upholstered in a wide range of colours. A range of options is also available for the base: 4-leg, sled, cantilever, 4 four or five-star with or without wheels.