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The argenta invisiframe AX is an invisible aluminium frame for pivoting internal doors that can be easily, quickly and invisibly installed and plastered-in. Thanks to this innovative concept, the installation of pivoting doors becomes child’s play; the frame with integrated pivot system can be installed very easily and no system needs to be built into the floor. The argenta invisiframe AX is extremely suitable for use as a door to a walk-in wardrobe or as a door between the kitchen and living room. The door can be pushed open quickly and easily in both directions, without a handle.

What are the benefits ?

- no visible frame around the door
- easy and hidden door assembly due to patented upper pivot system.
- virtually invisible pivot system
- generally supplied with paintable primer (other colours on request)

- quick and effortless installation of the door and the frame
- the door position doesn’t need to be adjusted
- for brickwork and walls with minimum wall thickness of 70 mm

- for all standard and non-standard door openings (new buildings and renovation)
- for both brickwork and gypsum board walls (metal stud and CLS frames)

- sturdy frame construction (integrated corner connection)
- stable profile
- direct, sturdy and easy mounting on the walls by using screws or stone anchors
- good adhesion of the plaster work against the profile thanks to the special dovetail profiling

- wide range of dimensions
- doors at room height

Dimensions regarding the door

- 7 mm between the door leaf (hinge side of the door) and the door frame
-3 mm between the door leaf (lock side of the door) and the door frame
- 4 mm between the door leaf (top of the door) and the door frame
- 5 mm between the door leaf (bottom of the door) and the door frame

- Width wall opening = width door panel + min. 70 mm (installation without dowels)
min. 74 mm (installation with dowels)
- Height wall opening = height door panel + min. 39 mm (installation without dowels)
min. 44 mm (installation with dowels)

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“Discrete interior doors” - thé trend for a timeless interior style with a sleek and minimalist design. With its invisible door systems ARLU responds perfectly to this trend. Thanks to these systems, closed doors and walls constitute one whole: the disturbing frames disappear, while the hinges are mounted in such a way that from the outside they are no longer visible. ARLU offers an ‘invisible’ solution for revolving doors, pivoting and sliding-in-the-wall doors.


Invisiframe® AX

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