Product description

W: 35W/70W
W: 20W/50W Please Consult
V: 220V-240V
Hz: 50/60Hz
CRI: According to lamp
BEAM: 14º-30º-40º
IP: IP20
Kg: 1,5kg
m3: 0,0067m3
Position: Ceiling
Application: Recessed
Application: Surface
Application: Lane
Accesories: Individual Surface Adapter - Individual Recessed Adapter

Product family


The spotlight from Arkoslight that combines avant-garde design with best performance
Arkoslight presents Zen. Its new LED spotlight, optionally also available with metal halide lamps, which attains best performance with lowest consumption. An extra-ordinary efficiency and a versatility that counts on models for track systems, for surface and recessed installations, finishes with wooden or colored inlets, the possibility of individualization, etc.
The LED version of Zen leaves behind the performance of QR-111 lamps, being thus capable of covering the entire functionality of lamps of this type and providing a lot more of light at lower consumption. Furthermore the live span of the LED is up to 50.000h compared to approximately 3.000h of a QR-111 lamp.
Zen reproduces with fidelity the colors of illuminated objects thanks to a high chromatic reproduction degree (CRI> 80) and furthermore is offered in two color temperatures (3000ºK and 4000ºK), to meet the demands of neutral and warm illumination requirements.
Zen disposes of optional color filters for aesthetic purposes and also for technical purposes, which is illumination of comestible goods. Its range of reflectors incorporates light beam angles of 16º, 24º and 32º. Moreover, its orientation possibilities in tilting (270º) and swiveling (355º) are highly versatile and Zen can be installed individually or as track light, on surface or recessed.
The design of the heat sink of Zen allows an extra-ordinary efficiency. Adhering to a philosophy of smallest possible dimensions, it gives a best possible result in cooling and maintains the light source within its optimal operating temperature in any moment.
In case of LED technology, this signifies the guarantee of the lifespan of the LED and along with this highest durability. A guarantee thanks to which the long term efficiency an initial investment in LED technology means in sense of profitability, ecology and sustainability, is conserved and assured.
Zen has a sheer design up to the minutest detail. The result is a highly attractive light fitting which furthermore offers optional configurations such as wooden inlets, other colors and materials …