Product description

26021000 W/Z POINT P.220 CDM-R 111 MAX 70W W/O EQ. W/Z 70W WITHOUT EQ.
26022207 W/Z POINT P.220 CDM-R 111 70W +EQ.E. W/Z 70W
26022235 W/Z POINT P.220 CDM-R 111 35W +EQ.E. W/Z 35W


Recessed, swivel, single lamp, made of die-cast aluminium. It could be used independently with any lamp suitable for this spotlight. Due to its shape resemblance, it matches perfectly with our Profile 220 range.
Because of its compact and solid design it contributes to create a visual order and its swivel properties makes of it a very versatile spotlight. Developing a hierarchy in the objects perception thanks to its capability to attract the attention towards the place of interest, is ideal for accent light.

W: Max 15W
V: 220-240V
Hz: 50/60Hz
IP: IP20
Position: Ceiling
Application: Recessed