Product description

25962024 P/W PROFILE 060 U 1X14/24W WALL P/W 1X14/24W
25962039 P/W PROFILE 060 U 1X21/39W WALL P/W 1X21/39W
25962054 P/W PROFILE 060 U 1X28/54W WALL P/W 1X28/54W
25962080 P/W PROFILE 060 U 1X35/80W WALL P/W 1X35/80W
25962554 P/W PROFILE 060 U 2X28/54W WALL P/W 2X28/54W


Complete profile system made of extruded aluminium and polycarbonate. The main quality of this program is the overlapping between the tubes that manages to get a continuous light emission with no dark areas, nor shadows by the junction between lamp tubes. It is available with two basic structures, one of them as “U” and the other one as “H”. The first structure is prepared to be installed at the ceiling, whether surface or suspension installation, the recessed version always includes an additional box. The second structure could be assembly at the wall or as suspension offering direct and indirect light simultaneously. This range is structured in two variants: ‘standard’ references are available upon a unique code number, and ‘customized’ ones which allow composing luminaires for specific situations combining different lengths and joints. We invite you to download the application included in our website or to consult our commercial technicians in order to create easily your specific configurations.