Product description

W: 6,5W
W: 9W
mA: 700mA
Lm: 600-900Lm
V: 220-240V
Hz: 50/60 Hz
K: 3000/4000K
DIM: Push/1-10V/Dali
CRI: >80
IP: IP54
IK: IK07
m3: 0,00262m3
Position: Ceiling
Application: Recessed

Product family


Mix Mini is the reduced version of Mix. Also made of aluminum, with a diameter of just 13.6 cm can be placed in round recessing holes of only 12.2 cm. As in Mix, Arkoslight –always trying to ease the installation work– also included in Mix Mini the new anti-shock securing pincers. The design of this small but powerful downlight allows reaching a quantity of lumens and an efficiency comparable to that of the best luminaries of Arkoslight.