The new luminaire by Arkoslight with radial indirect illumination.
Arkoslight presents Funghi, Its new circular lighting fixture with radial indirect illumination.
Funghi is a recessed ceiling light in shape of a perfect circle with a diameter of 57cm and a likewise round front reflector which throws back the illumination of its light source (a round T5 fluorescent lamp).
Funghi fits in perfectly in the environment where to be installed and attains an effect of continuousness between the ceiling and the fittings graceful bezel. When switched on, thanks to the concinnity of his forms, the light optically dissolves the limits between the fixture and the ceiling where installed.
With its perfectly circular design and gentle shaping, Funghi provides an indirect illumination with maximum visual comfort.
Thus the shape of the fixture avoids any dazzling, given that the direct visual access to the light source from any angle is averted.
Arkoslight also offers the possibility of a Push/DALI dimmable version, which allows the user create different ambiences. Funghi is made of aluminium; a 100% recyclable material that maintains its properties and requires only a low energetic level for its recovery process.

W : 55W
V: 220V-240V
Hz: 50/60Hz
DIM: Push / Dali
CRI: According to lamp
IP: IP20
Kg: 3,8kg
m3: 0,068m3
Position: Ceiling
Application: Recessed