Product description

35330000 W/Z ARKITECT 180 HIT-G12 35W W/O EQ. W/Z 35W WITHOUT EQ.
35330100 W/Z ARKITECT 180 HIT-G12 35W+EQ.E. W/Z 35W
35340000 W/Z ARKITECT 180 HIT-G12 70W W/O EQ. W/Z 70W WITHOUT EQ.
35340100 W/Z ARKITECT 180 HIT-G12 70W+EQ.E. W/Z 70W
35350000 W/Z ARKITECT 180 HIT-G12 150W W/O EQ. W/Z 70W WITHOUT EQ.
35350100 W/Z ARKITECT 180 HIT-G12 150W+EQ.E. W/Z 70W
35360000 W/Z ARKITECT 180 SDW-TG 50W W/O EQ. W/Z 50W WITHOUT EQ.
35360100 W/Z ARKITECT 180 SDW-TG 50W+EQ.E. W/Z 50W
35370000 W/Z ARKITECT 180 SDW-TG 100W W/O EQ. W/Z 100W WITHOUT EQ.
35370100 W/Z ARKITECT 180 SDW-TG 100W+EQ.E. W/Z 100W


Family of downlight for energy saving and discharge lamps. Its CATEGORY 2 CIBSE ANTIGLARE makes them suitable for projects where antiglare factor is required. Made of die cast, they offer homogeneity and visual comfort to any space as well as the possibility to work with different lamps within the same external and visual aspect. We could also emphasize its use as an emergency lighting and a wide range of accessories such as the Darklight diffuser or glass to turn it into IP44.