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To simplify, schematize, keep the essence. Simple and natural. With no complexity. That’s K2. A modular and operative furniture program, that allows to choose between 2 different legs: the open leg and the closed leg.
K2, designed by Gabriel Teixidó. From a versatile structure, it has countless combinations to achieve space harmony and meet the new demands of the office world.

K2 has a flexible partition system to make workstations more dynamic and lively. In elastic mesh, wood, lacquer, cork or whiteboard.
K2 has a range of accessories added to the program to help the office organization.
K2 has practical, funny, warm libraries with middle partitions to customize the space according to the needs.
K2 has a modular system of cabinets that performs a double function and can be used as a table support, replacing one of its legs.
K2 has modesty veils, boxes and meeting tables as the perfect complement for any space.

To analyse, synthesize, keeping the same character. So-lide and elegant. With no complications. That's K3. A perfect miscellany of shape and materials studied to the smallest detail. K3, designed by Gabriel Teixidó. A new way to work.