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L 281 D 111 H 72

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Dom-Ino was a 1914 structural system, designed by the Swiss architect Le Corbusier. It was an open floor concrete structure with columns to hold it up, which allows to the light and the air to go inside the building, through large windows. This was the prototype for most construction of contemporary buildings.
The Domino table is almost like a mini-building having columns (legs) that hold up a floor (tabletop). Its six legs are placed seemingly irregularly and protrude through the surface of the table top, which creates a sort of constructivist composition on the top surface. It’s slightly iconic in its design and can be a centre piece in any kind of enviroment.
Domino will be presented with luxurious materials and in “limited edition” for celebrating the ten years of cooperation with the Swedish designers. The production will be available with top in smoked oak and legs in beechwood.