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Tulipe Litter bin
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Living room/Office accesso...-Waste baskets >

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This complete range of litter bins comes in various capacities and shapes: - the 34-litre version is a small-capacity model for public parks. With its open aspect and wide neck, it is reminiscent of litter bins from former times but at the same time ease-of-use makes it resolutely contemporary. - the 42-litre against-the-wall model is highly space-efficient, particularly in old city centres, where functionality is vital. This version offers substantial volume without taking up pedestrian walking space on often narrow sidewalks. The model can be adapted to accommodate slopes via 3 stainless steel rods. - the 45-, 75- and 90-litre models are universal, circular models which are naturally justified in busy, open places. They feature a simple locking device: the liner is retained by a catch fixed to the casing and which is located in one of the handles. It is freed by a slight deformation. - the double 45-litre model backs up municipal selective sorting approaches. The two liners can be earmarked for different types of waste. - the vigipirate (security alert system) model is designed for standard-compliant bags. This model fulfills the need for rapid, simplified collection. The waste bag is removed from the bottom, on the bin’s open part. The ""ashtray"" function is ensured via an aluminium checker plate. Cigarettes are put out or scraped on this piece outside the urn, into which the butt can then be thrown without risk.