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Aluzinc® Florelis
Aluzinc® Florelis
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Product description

Enduring natural beauty
Aluzinc® Florelis is the perfect combination of strength and beauty making it an outstanding product in every way.
• precision engineered aesthetics
• stunning reflectivity against heat and light - up to 80% of sunlight
• excellent reaction to fire
• superior resistance to abrasion and weathering
• flexibility for easy forming, profiling and other needs
• 25-year warranty - possible extension to 30 years on request

Aluminium and zinc - fused in almost equal proportions - coat the steel with a unique silvery spangled coating, composed of aluminium (55%), zinc (43.4%) and a touch of silicon (1.6%) to achieve perfect harmony with the steel and a unique, glittering finish.

A 25-year warranty, available in the construction sector, covers the resistance to perforation and rupture of Aluzinc® Florelis coating AZ185 due to corrosion.
Completed buildings have demonstrated that Aluzinc® Florelis shows no sign of rust after 30 years in most environments.
Its excellent resistance to atmospheric oxidation also enables Aluzinc® Florelisto keep its natural colour and gloss.
Aluzinc® Florelis is a metallic coated steel, delivered pre-coated with Easyfilm® E protection, that can be used without further treatment, which can represent significant savings. Its excellent heat reflection performance means Aluzinc® Florelis also significantly contributes to climate control in the building.

Aluzinc® Florelis can be used for interior ceilings, walls or even as coverings for desks and other furniture. It is a high-performance and highly aesthetic material that is completely odour-free and has excellent fire resistance.


Aluzinc® Florelis is beautiful, flat carbon steel with a unique spangled alloy coating and has outstanding resistance to corrosion, even in highly aggressive environments.