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Simon Says
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Product description

Frame option:
Mahogany or oak wood frame

220-240 V Model
CFL HO 4 x 24W bulb
CFL FC dimmable [Type C] 4 x 24W

120 V Model
CFL HO 4 x 24W bulb UL Listed

Volume: 75 x 75 x 15cm, 30 x 30 x 6” Weight: 8kg / 17.6lb

69.6cm / 27.5" x 10cm / 4" x H 69cm /27.5"

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We designed the lamps with the yacht environment in mind where space saving is a key element and soon realized hotel corridors and other public spaces would benefit as well of course as in homes where so many of us now want sleek lines and less 'intervention' into the space.
The lamps work perfectly as single elements or in compositions of varying sizes and colors as the lamp sources are specifically designed to give the same light across all the formats.
Simon Says lamps are the newest members of the Mino Collection, which draws its inspiration from space definition and interprets this in geometric structures.
All lamps in the Mino Collection use a specially developed polycarbonate vacuum formed shell to serve as the platform for our iconic natural hand crushed silk. We use eco-friendly CFL light sources in all the lamps
The Simon Says lamps are framed by either mahogany wood with oak detail or oak wood with mahogany detail and are available with dim control and for integration into lighting management systems.

Simon Says Maybe is part of the Mino collection.
Its proportions and clean silk lines framed by mahogany wood or oak give it a glorious yet functional appearance.
Simon Says are for individual use, or in pairs and compositions of varying sizes and color. The light source is designed to be even across the surface and
the lumenence to match other formats.