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White merino and mohair wools with pure silk fibers. Hardware: brushed stainless steel, clear electric cord.

220-240V or 120V UL listed CFL with ECG 2 x 24W bulbs

Ø 25 cm - 10”
60 cm - 2

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The Apaya Collection exemplifies Ayala Serfaty's passionate research of textiles and light. Celebrating the inherent qualities of natural color and fibrous structure, wool becomes a sculptural carrier of light in a uniquely aesthetic way. The pieces in the Apaya Collection are all hand made using ecological and environmentally friendly materials. As it combines ancient wool felting techniques with modern lighting technology, the Apaya Collection safeguards heritage whilst re-inventing its future. The felted wool is molded into a singular sleeve that is slipped over a transparent cylinder. This sleeve can be easily removed for dry cleaning or exchanged for another design.