Product description

Customised (multiples of 50mm) modular direct light hanging fixture complete with a LED light source of 19W per metre (240 LED), of 3200K or 4200K. Made of anodised or epoxy-polyester powder coated extruded aluminium with an opal polycarbonate diffuser. The fixture is supplied with an driver. It is suspended by means of galvanised steel leads (not included) equipped with a rapid regulation mechanism. To complete the application accessories such as non illuminating modules, joints, curves and End caps can be ordered. Also comes in a dimmable version (see page 250). The degree of protection against the penetration of dust, solid objects and liquids is IP40. Different lengths can be made on request.

Product family


An extremely neat and uncluttered design characterises Line, a modular hanging fixture and a modular with or without trim recessed fixture. These profiles are designed to generate a continuous flow of light which successively illuminates dark zones thanks to the use of high efficiency LED or Seamless fluorescent lamps. Line is a range of products which enable the creation of infinite, versatile lighting solutions enhancing environments with their formal minimalism.

An extremely neat design characterises this small recessed LED, devised to be discreetly integrated with any environment. Uninterrupted streams of light casting no shadows enable countless lighting scenarios to be created to one’s individual liking.